Anti-Spam Policy

No Place for Spam: At CloudLeads, we have zero tolerance for unsolicited messages or unauthorized users. That's why we take abuse reports seriously. If you encounter any abuse, report it to us immediately. Simply provide us with your mobile number, along with the date and time of the message. If possible, include the content of the message too. Rest assured, your identity will remain confidential. We're committed to investigating every complaint promptly, taking action against the reported client. Remember, uploading "cold" email/SMS lists or purchased SMS/email lists is strictly prohibited according to our terms of service. Let's keep the CloudLeads community clean and spam-free.

1. Commitment to Anti-Spam Practices

At CloudLeads, we are firmly against spam. We adhere to all applicable anti-spam laws and regulations to ensure that our communication practices are responsible and compliant.

2. What Constitutes Spam

For us at CloudLeads, 'spam' is defined as unsolicited, often irrelevant messages sent over the internet, typically to a large number of users. We ensure that our communications are not spam by adhering to ethical and legal standards.

3. User Consent

We engage in responsible email practices by obtaining consent from our recipients. Users only receive communications from CloudLeads if they have opted-in to do so, and we keep a record of this consent.

4. Types of Communications

Subscribers to CloudLeads may receive informational newsletters, promotional material, updates on new services, and other announcements. We ensure that all our communications are relevant and valuable to our subscribers.

5. Opt-Out Policy

Users can remove themselves from any client’s list at any time by texting “stop” along with the text word they signed up for. Reply “stop all” to remove your number from all of CloudLeads client’s lists. Abuse can be reported by sending us an email and include your mobile number, the content of the message (if possible), and the time and date that the message was received. Your mobile number will be removed from the abuser’s list.

6. Measures to Prevent Spam

All CloudLeads’ clients agree to our Terms and Conditions upon registration for A2P registration to get approved sender verification from the carriers. CloudLeads can track information on sent messages, including the sender and the contents of the message. Violations of CloudLeads’s Anti-Spam policy may result in a warning or possibly termination of the client’s services. Termination of a Client’s services may extend to future services as well. CloudLeads complies with all state and national laws and regulations with regards to unsolicited text messages and/or spam.

7. User Responsibilities

We encourage our users to report any unsolicited or spam messages they receive from our domain. This assists us in maintaining a secure and spam-free communication environment.

8. Policy Updates

CloudLeads may update this policy to reflect changes in our practices or for other operational, legal, or regulatory reasons. Subscribers will be informed of significant changes.

9. Contact Information

For any questions or concerns about our Anti-Spam Policy, please contact us CLICK HERE

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